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Below are links to social media accounts for Sony, Universal and Warner Music Groups as well as some notable executives.  Pick one or all platforms and let them know who you are, what you do, and how blocking DJs from sharing music is bad for everyone.  Make sure to hashtag #LetDJsDJ

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For years record companies have made it nearly impossible for DJs to do what we love outside of the spaces they deem appropriate.  Rather than utilize us and adapt to the modern world they remain stuck in the past.  Hurting DJs, artists, themselves and music as a whole.  It's time to let DJs DJ.

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All we want is to share music.

DJs break new artists and records.  DJs keep the biggest songs in rotation.  DJs keep older music fresh.  DJs shine light on under appreciated artists and music (past and present). DJs combine all of these things together to share music in a way record companies, streaming services and radio have never been able to.  Rather than embrace, appreciate and utilize this, record companies have spent their money trying to stop it on any platform where DJs mix online.  They already have the technology to identify, tag, and count them as plays but instead use that ability to stop us.  (Unless they deem you important enough to get a pass.)  Right now all the places we can do what we do best (Bars, events Nightclubs, Parties) are closed for the foreseeable future.  What do they do? Close all online live streaming avenues as well.  If you ever discovered a song you never would have heard from a DJ mix, danced all night, or got some relief during this new situation we all find ourselves in please sign the petition.  LetDJsDJ

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Record Companies, Artists, DJs, and listeners.

People have access to every song they could ever want at their finger tips yet they are still choosing to watch DJ's live stream.  Some of the biggest stars and most influential people in the world all joined together with 100k others to watch and listen to D Nice at the beginning of the lockdown.  This should tell the record companies all they need to know.  Lift the copyright restrictions on Live Streams. (Not just for those they deem worthy or important enough.)  They are still asking us to help break records for them. The same companies cutting our streams and stopping us from uploading DJ mixes are asking DJs to play new records in their sets... Right hand, meet left hand.

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Music with the world

If you have ever shared a song that a listener never knew. Found a way to combine songs that nobody ever would have thought to; or found a song YOU love because of a DJ please make your voice heard.  Let DJs DJ.

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